Open Knowledge In Action: Open Data Academic Research #CfP

The 2012 theme of OKFestival is Open Knowledge in Action, looking at the value that can be generated by opening up knowledge, the ecosystems of organisations that can benefit from such sharing, and the impacts that transparency can have in our societies. What kinds of new professions, ideas and community initiatives can emerge within our governments, markets, networks and neighbourhoods as a result of these engagements?

Open knowledge is a comprehensive concept that involves sharing knowledge in all its forms – from genes to geodata, from literature to programming code – so that it can be freely used, modified and shared by anyone. This idea, based on the Open Definition, provides an opportunity for positive transformation within our information society, where old hierarchies are replaced by agile, diverse, networked and experimental progress and cooperation.

In an era of global digital communications, significant benefits are gained in all sectors of the society by opening up knowledge, including science, culture, governance and economy.

Academics and researchers can find the Open Data Academic research session at this year’s OKFestival very interesting, and  a great opportunity for those who are engaging with open data in academic environments to speak to new colleagues working on similar initiatives from around the world.

**2nd Call for Papers: Open Data Academic Research at OKFest**

The Open Data research session will focus on the impact of Open Data research within the academic environment. The session will bring together the latest research concerning Open Data and Open Government Data, forming an interdisciplinary mix of short presentations followed by a discussion panel.

The panel will be 2 hours long, and invites submissions from a broad range of disciplines. See below for potential topic ideas.

The aim of the workshop is to publish the accepted papers and outcomes in a relevant journal/proceedings – more information to follow.

## Submissions

Submissions should consist of a 2 page extended abstract of a position paper of current research. Accepted authors will require to produce a 4-6 page paper and 15 minute presentation to be given at the workshop.

Please send submissions to:
Submission Deadline: 20th July
Accepted Papers to be selected by 3rd August

## Possible Topics

• Mapping the movement: What histories can illuminate current open data practice? How should we understand the idea of an open data movement? What can research tell us about the future directions a movement might take?
• Open data impacts: What impact is open data having in different fields? What methods can be used to trace the impacts of open data?
• Open data internationally: What impact is open data having in different countries? How is open data supporting transparency as well as participatory engagement?
 Open data and democracy: How is open data being used to support democratic engagement, or impacting upon the democratic sphere?
• Open data as a tool for research: Exploring how open data can be used in research, and tools for open data-driven research.

If you have any questions, please contact: