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The Science Online 2012 (un)conference on science and the Web is over. It gathered many bloggers, scientists, scholars, journalists world wide, actively engaging, interacting, writing, and communicating on science, social media, technology, art.  The conference offered numerous sessions throughout three days (January 19-21, 2012) on different topics ranging from Cybersecurity and Digital rights,  Dealing with Scientific Data to  Semantic Web, WikipediaTeaching Science Journalism in the Era of Social Media, Digital Preservation and Science Online. There were practical sessions on podcasts, creating eBooks, on art and science, and  Making Beautiful Maps.

We talked about the conference and the power of the scientific community earlier last week, and we have been live tweeting during the event, virtually, on our Twitter feed – Australian Science. You can check out the tweets with the hashtag  #scio12. There is a wonderful archive of scio12 tweets : 27,000+ total tweets from 12/26/ to 01/23.  Also, check out the beautiful visualisation of #scio12 tweets, an interactive map.

There has been lot of interactions during the sessions and off sessions with the colleagues who were there, sharing impressions of the meeting and in between events as well as the reactions and blog posts on the conference. This is the list of all blog posts and articles about the conference, and media coverage.

And Bora already announced ScienceOnline2013 planning wiki – Program Suggestions that already started to fill in with program sessions proposals.

Selected interesting sources, videos and music mash-ups:

#SciAmBlogs – the post-#scio12 blues

Science Online 2012 #scio12 Photo/music mash-up

Science Online 2012: Communicating with Images  (video)

Science Online Youtube channel with #scio12 videos



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