The World Wide Web 2012: Making Sense of Microposts

The World Wide Web 2012 conference is hosted this year in Lyon, France, from April 16 to 20, and will feature many prominent figures of the Web, internet technologies, and computer science. Earlier this year I wrote about it, both in the role as a PC member at one of the workshops and as an author. Now, I am very pleased to share that my paper I wrote with one of my colleagues for The World Wide Web 2012 #WWW12 conference – got accepted!  Proceedings of the paper could be found here.

The paper examines one of the very popular social and communication dynamics on social networks and media, and it will be published for the ACM SIG Proceedings.  In the paper I am arguing that the little things you think are pointless and does not have a practical information value  – posts on Facebook and Twitter, Flickr comments, fav’s, the likes, the pokes and the tweets about food, weather, the mundane brief status updates – all turn out to have a vital social and communication value  that even merits a new phrase – “phatic-posts”  – which the paper coins.

I’m presenting on the first day of WWW12 in Lyon. Check out the programme, and let me know if you’re going to WWW12 – contact me,  it would be nice to meet up with other like-minded internet researchers, scientists, practitioners, and academics.