Environmental Sabbath Day – A Simple Proposal

In our efforts to reduce greenhouse gases we often overlook the cultural dimensions. These days, we love the idea of “24/7” – that production and services run “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”. Certainly this makes for higher production of goods and services, as well as greenhouse gases and general degradation of life on earth! What ever happened to the “the Lord’s Day” or the Sabbath? One day in every seven set aside as a Holy Day; on that day, no work. Yes, things shut down; instead talk with family and neighbors, and walk around the neighborhood; that sometimes included not using machines, such as automobiles and aircraft. With a weekly “Environmental Sabbath Day” we would save upwards of 10% of energy use! Plus, get back the time to slow down, relax and have more humane lives. Good for the environment, good for us.

Image: Presbyterians for Earth Care