Weekly Science Picks

Bring out your bongo drums and beat in celebration of the entirety of Volume One of The Feynman Lectures is available online thanks to a partnership between Caltech and The Feynman Lectures Website making this possible. Richard Feynman was a brilliant physicist reknown for making physics and indeed science accessible to people outside of the scientific community. He also played the bongo drums.

This work is based lectures Feynman delivered at Caltech to undergraduate physics students. Fear not though because the words are easy to read and understand. In my opinion it is a very good example of science communication. It’s also an excellent resource material for teachers and students. The lectures have been compiled into three volumes of books before but now Volume One is freely available and designed to be able to be read on any device with the ability to zoom in on figures and equations.

Palaeontologists have applied physics to show how feathery dinosaurs adapted to flight. There is growing acceptance that birds evolved from small feathered dinosaurs but no one knows how. Researchers from the University of Southampton built a full scale model of Microraptor, a four winged dinosaur, and put it to the test in a wind tunnel.


The blue whale is the undisputed largest known living animal on the Earth ever. However, it is not the largest known living organism ever. Confused? MinuteEarth took time to explain in the latest video offering.

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