Call for Participation: EuroNOG – an international meeting

Want to broaden your knowledge in ICT topics and meet other people working in this field? Take part in the second EuroNOG meeting on September 10th-11th in Budapest, Hungary.

EuroNOG – an international meeting of experts responsible for the design, maintenance and development of ICT networks. The first edition was held on the 30th September 2011 in Krakow (Poland). The second edition will be organized on September 10th-11th, 2012 in Budapest (Hungary). Subsequent meetings are going to be held annually in various cities in Europe. Our main goal is to build a platform to exchange experience between the operators, ISPs and companies responsible for network implementation.

National borders are becoming blurred, and increasing international cooperation is a key element of the Internet development. At the same time, due to various technical and economic conditions, in each of the European countries the development of networks diverged in a different way. Therefore it is difficult to compare and easily transfer ready-made solutions from one country to another – just look at the networks in Scandinavian countries compared with countries from Southern Europe– different solutions, architectures and equipment. It is best for us to exchange experience and learn from best practices used by local players on the European market.

What sets us apart from the RIPE, TERENA and other IX meetings?

Certainly, our conference is not academic, we do not want to focus only on the theoretical backgrounds of the IP world. We want to provide the greatest number of good practices and presentations including deployment case studies. Our point of view resembles NANOG, as we are looking at Europe through the prism of a global network, treating each country as a state – strong co-operation but also territorial autonomy. The EuroNOG conference will be a vendor-independent meeting place for experts.

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Detailed information: Date: 10-11 September 2012

Location: RamadaPlaza Hotel, Budapest (Hungary)


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If you have any questions, please contact: Emilia Staszczak

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