Cleaning Bots – revolution in the floor cleaning


Building a robots for snow removal seemed like a good business idea to founders of Avidbots company. However it has soon proved itself to be an idea difficult to be effectively implemented. After conducting a market research at this company, results have shown that it will need a lot of effort to break through and reach the customers of this specific market. Furthermore, snow removal market was already too much segmented into distinctive sub-markets such as driveway, parking, street snow removal market etc. Not to mention the sensibility of the demand towards whether conditions and the amount of snow which may vary from year to year. Regarding all the points mentioned above, but still using the same technology as with snow removal, founders of Avidbots have decided to find a solution for the similar, but more universal problem: cleaning floors. Considering that offices and shops require regular floor cleaning throughout the year, there was no problem with demand and market segmentation. Nowadays, housewives are already able to use simplified types of robot vacuum that are helping in house cleaning activities. When it comes to these types of robots, they offer some important features such as automated recharging and wall sensors which help maintaining floor cleanliness at a basic level. Some of these robots are specific due to their long-running, being extremely quiet or offering laser-guided mapping. The new generation of robots, designed and developed by Avidbots team, is combining all these features in one and offering much more advanced and useful technology. They have launched a prototype of the Cleaning Bots with a purpose to sweep and rub floors. By using the laser mapping technology, these robots build floor maps according to which they perform their cleaning tasks. Through WiFi connection, robots communicate between themselves and use the network to share map data, plan their work and send information about their progress. In this way, they are able to finish and coordinate the floor cleaning tasks similar to how the humans are doing it. For Cleaning Bots to work properly, there is a need for continuous simulation and in-office testing, so that after every test mechanics and navigation algorithms can be properly refined. As the founder of the Avidbots company emphasizes, there are three features that are of great importance in robotics field: mechanics done at the high level, electrical design and artificial intelligence. By combining these features Cleaning Bots are constantly improved to be able to work on a variety of hard surfaces. The policy of usage is planning to be based on purchase and rental base. The company plans to charge less that the minimum human wage in the United States offering $6 per hour for scrubbing and $4 for sweeping. This does not mean that the job positions of the cleaning stuff is in danger, as the companies will direct it to more difficult tasks such as cleaning bathrooms, office windows, desk etc. These Cleaning Bots will make a revolution in the way how floor cleaning can be performed and consequently inspire future improvements and development of robotics in this area.

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