The Elevator of the Future


vacuum-elevator-1A home elevator is set to become a practical transportation alternative to staircases with the development and production of vacuum elevators. Owning a home elevator is more feasible and cost effective with vacuum elevators because they take up a smaller amount of space compared to a traditional elevator and offer easy installation at an affordable price.

Vacuum elevators are built from lightweight aluminum and polycarbonate material. Installing one inside a home is a simple task because these elevators do not require excavation for a pit or hoist. A vacuum elevator occupies just one square meter of floor space and can easily fit inside any two story home. It only takes a few hours to install and does not require the same degree of maintenance that a traditional home elevator needs. The best part is that a vacuum elevator can be installed in a home at a much lower cost than a traditional elevator.

Using a vacuum elevator is completely safe. It is designed to use a difference in air pressure to move the elevator cab up and down. There are separate atmospheric pressure and low pressure zones and a vacuum pump moves the air to make the lift elevate or descend. No cables are needed to control it. Using air instead of mechanical components to start and stop the elevator creates a smooth starting and stopping motion. The elevator also uses locks to hold the cab exactly at floor level each time it stops.

vacuum-elevator-2vacuum-elevator-3Residential vacuum elevators hold much less weight than traditional commercial elevators. They are only rated to carry up to 450 pounds, which is more than enough for residential use. This type of elevator operates just as safely as a traditional elevator.

Daytona Elevator is the leading distributor of these new residential vacuum elevators. The Florida based company already offers a whole range of home transportation devices. These products include stair lifts, curved stair lifts, vertical stair lifts, dumbwaiters and traditional home elevators. With this latest offering of vacuum elevators, Daytona Elevator is helping the future meet the present in a way that benefits consumers looking for home transportation solutions.

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