Chemtrails – Conspiracy Theory?

Qantas Airbus A380
Contrail or Chemtrail?

We all know what contrails are: those long thin artificial clouds that form behind aircraft, most often as a result of the water vapour in the exhaust of the aircraft’s engines. But have you heard of chemtrails?

I first learned of chemtrails after our editor asked if I would be interested in writing a story on it. At the time, I thought it would be a simple story.

But it’s been over a month since I watched the video, “What in the World are They Spraying? I didn’t realize the amount of research or the length of the list of questions that would emerge. Here, I’ll comment on the video (it’s about 1 hour 35 minutes long), pose some of the questions I had, and offer some analysis.

Michael J. Murphy is a filmmaker and political activist who wrote, directed and produced the film. The concern seems to be compassionately targeted on public health. That scientists and geoengineers are trying to solve the global warming crisis by geoengineering appears to be unacceptable to Mr. Murphy and his collaborators. Geoengineering is the deliberate intention to moderate global warming by intervening with Earth’s climate system. An example is cloud engineering. Cloud engineering research is underway at the University of Washington as a potential tool to ease climate change, but at this point is only at the initial stages.

The film tries to touch on some aspects of science and targets aluminium as the cause for an increased alkalinity of soil in California that is damaging plant life and threatens the water supply for hikers visiting Mt. Shasta. This aluminium that falls as pellets from the sky is also thought to be the cause for softening the bark of coconuts trees in Hawaii and why farmers there cannot grow their own taro and papaya. Farmers on the compound in the film claim they want GMO seeds so they can grow their own food naturally. Interesting turn of events and thought patterns, wouldn’t you say?

I could go into more detail about the effects of aluminium, but I will refrain. If you are keen to learn more about the public health effects, click here.

The so-called climate engineers are painted as scientists who have crossed over to the dark side. They know the harm these chemicals can cause but must be willing to go ahead with these spraying flights, even if it means harming their own families. Or are they somehow excluded and protected from the aluminium that rains down with coats and hats that offer some sort of super power protection? It was mentioned in the film that they are forming sales, implementation and funding strategies. I’m still not sure who “they” are. They are mentioned over and over and over again as the culprits, the party responsible for poisoning the people and food on our planet. Follow the money, the filmmakers and those appearing in the movie say repeatedly. There is a whole evil empire, beginning to build, that will take over the world. And the evil empire evidently begins with Monsanto.

The multinational agricultural and biotech company Monsanto is mentioned as a curve ball to distract from the topic at hand and perhaps gain more followers. In the film, it is stated that an aluminium resistant gene had been developed at Cornell University and was patented in September 2009. A search of the United States Patent and Trademark Office website reveals no such patent matching #7582809.

The filmmakers bring in advocate and conspiracist G. Edward Griffin to join this chemtrail crusade. He talks about how chemtrails don’t dissipate; that a permanent grid hangs over cities like Los Angeles. A bit more confirmation on this is needed for my liking – for instance a time-lapse camera set up throughout the daylight hours, for an entire 7-day period, to see exactly how many airplanes are passing through, creating these everlasting contrails containing chemicals that rain down on us. And the camera should be able to zoom in on the plane, or perhaps a set of binoculars could be used to see the N-Number on the aircraft. Flight plans have to be registered by pilots at airports, so surely with some investigation and tracking down records, we could find out whom these they people are and begin to interrogate them as to why poisoning the planet for profit or using this method to combat global climate change seems like a good idea.

The first International Chemtrail Symposium took place on May 29, 2010. When you plug this into Google, a myriad of conspiracy type results show up; one is listed under “Godlike Productions”. In the film, we are given a glimpse of this symposium. The phrase, “What God had originally made” is used. Any time God vs. science rears its head in a conversation, it is no longer a logical debate; it is one rooted on emotion and one’s philosophical beliefs.

Another anecdote that leans this chemtrail film toward the conspiracy theory side is when they invite activist Jeremy Rothe-Kuschel to go to Washington, D.C., to try to persuade elected officials in the U.S. House and Senate to investigate this fleece that has been cast over the American people. Representative after representative shut them down. Ambushing politicians with pamphlets and a video camera does not seem to be the best method for getting one’s case heard. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California humours this crew a bit by taking their information. I’ve yet to see her office actually follow up on the issue of chemtrails by displaying information on their website, holding a public meeting, or introducing a bill for a hearing to the Committee on Science and Technology.

Over and over there are references that scream sensationalism tactics. Presenting one side of the story as this film does, makes it a bit difficult to really ascertain what the perceived harm is and if chemtrails are really a ploy by governments the globe over to decrease the human race. If it is true, than we should start tracking the whereabouts of aluminium and barium in relation to scheduled flight plans and requesting that our elected officials work with our national scientific organizations to find the answers, while looking for real solutions to climate change that works for the populations and the planet.

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15 thoughts on “Chemtrails – Conspiracy Theory?

  1. Awesome read Kelly, i’m not really sure how public can handle’s such elegant behavior of people they voted for and put them in the chairs where they decide on that same people’s destiny but refuse to answer crucial questions regarding most important stuff like health and safety.

    Personally i don’t know what to believe:

    On one hand i can believe that there is some secret project on which world governments officials agreed to attempt to save our climate from being destroyed by industrial age and everything that comes with it..(whatever the cost, which means situation is really heated)

    ..and on the other hand Monsanto-likes are so much into $$$ that i find completely believable that they could bought presidential elections in key countries, governments and all tools they needed to do with planet whatever they feel like.

    Like that is enough that some old, bold, fat and money pocket-heavy dude comes out of his office and say “I don’t know nothing about that”.

    You DO know sir.

    The question is just how bad it is, and this doesn’t look good at all.

    This is just beginning, when it all comes out, and it will, cities will burn.

    Regarding video, perhaps you could embed it in article for people to be able to watch it directly without leaving page, unifying it in one whole 🙂

    Thumbs up!

  2. The primary premise of the “chemtrails” conspiracy theory – that ordinary contrails can’t persist for long periods of time, and thus any trails that do are evidence of chemical spraying – is provably false. Contrails can indeed persist for hours when a plane travels through the right atmospheric conditions. This has been documented both in popular media and in the scientific literature for as long as there’s been high-altitude air travel. Do a literature search for the term “persistent contrails”. Plenty of papers on this topic from the 1950s to today.

    Aluminum is the most abundant metal, and the third-most abundant element in the earth’s crust. It is naturally 7-8% of soil on average, much higher in some areas. It has always ended up in air and rainwater via airborne dust. Even the link you give in the article states that “Aluminum occurs naturally in soil, water, and air.” Indeed, it is so commonly found in samples that it is often used by scientists as a reference element, to determine what proportion of other elements in samples comes from the earth’s crust as opposed to other sources – the “crustal enrichment factor”. Barium and strontium are also naturally-occurring in soil and dust, as shown by decades of results reported in scientific journals.

    The makers of this movie made no attempt to establish what are “normal” levels of these elements, and instead assume that any results are abnormal (and further, assume that they must have been released aerially). The only really high-sounding results they present came from dirty summer snowpack and pond sludge – both of which naturally have a lot of soil, and thus a lot of aluminum.

    Aluminum toxicity has always been a problem with crops in some areas. This is primarily due not to the amount of aluminum in the soil (again, there is normally a lot), but rather the soil pH; when the pH is very low (acidic), aluminum becomes more soluble as Al+++ ions, and that’s when Al toxicity can be an issue for some plants. Some parts of the world have very acidic soil on otherwise good agricultural land, thus the push for aluminum-resistant varieties. Ironically, this film claims that the “spray” is increasing soil pH (making it more alkaline), which if true would make Al toxicity LESS of a problem.

    This leaves the geoengineering proposals. Scientists are indeed discussing and studying the possibility of solar radiation management (SRM) programs for the future. However, nowhere is there any evidence that there is an SRM program currently ongoing. In fact, the very same scientists who are misrepresented in this film are on record saying that we should NOT start such a program now.

    Rather than writing an article which just describes the claims made in this film, why not do just a little bit of background research into whether those claims are accurate?

  3. Kelly,
    Google “Mt. Shasta Snow and Water Aluminum Tests” and at the site you will find two pages explaining that the claims made by Michael J. Murphy’s film about aluminum being sprayed are not supported by the tests as claimed. When it was found that the Murphy&Co. tests were showing ordinary aluminum levels, the tests were repeated and only the expected levels of aluminum bearing the signature of mother earth were detected, not some mysterious geoengineering spraying.

    Also, you can google “Historical Aerosol Thickness Debunks “Chemtrails are Geoengineering”” and you will find that data compiled over the past 50 years shows no increase in aerosols as would be happening if geoengineering were taking place.

    Furthermore, you mentionn a common sense approach to actually identify the planes seen. That was my suggestion as well to Mr. G. Edward Griffin, co-producer of the film. When he did this he found that they were ordinary commercial jets. You can view the exchange by googling “Debunked: Only Four Airliner Flights/Day over Mt. Shasta, CA” for the details.
    Debunked: Only Four Airliner Flights/Day over Mt. Shasta, CA

    Lastly, the hallmark of science is when data is fully disclosed and openly discussed. All of the above information showing the gross errors in Murphy’s film has been received by him, but he refuses to discuss those matters or correct his errors. You can view details on this by googling ” Proposal for a “Chemtrails Information Freedom Aagreement”.

    The bottom line here is that the producers of that movie are interested only in maintaining their bottom line, despite being made aware that there is no basis for their claims.

  4. In response to Barry’s shameless plug, let’s make it 100% clear that WhatITWATS and WhyITWATS have only won awards from groups that rate and award conspiracy films in general.

    Secondly, please, please, PLEASE read the debunking of this film on ContrailScience. Look around MetaBunk’s chemtrails forum. You’ll see the only supporting evidence for the theory of “chemtrails” is scant – and for what ‘evidence’ there is at all, it boils down to anecdote, cherry-picked quotations and outright Bad Science.

  5. As an airline pilot I find it disturbing that a supposed science magazine even countenances the idea of “chemtrails”. The crucial qualifications that all believers in this silly hoax lack is expertise in either meteorology or heavy jet aviation. Knowledge of either squashes this hoax at the very early stages. Please do not feed this hoax any further as the zealotry of some is beginning to manifest as threats to pilots and aircraft. Feel free to contact me for a pilots point of view.

  6. At first glance, the movie “What in the World are they Spraying” seems to be a professionally made film with a genuine concern for the public and contains information that is worth thinking about. However, after examining some of the facts presented in the movie a little more closely, it is readily apparent that information had been twisted or ignored. Whether or not this done purposefully by the filmmaker’s profits, I cannot say.

    By profession, I am a commercial pilot, and I have worked in the aviation industry for about 8 years doing everything from ground handling, customer service, maintenance, to flying. Many of the claims presented in Michael Murphy’s videos shows a lack of understanding in meteorology and aviation. The methodology and “science” that the video uses also deserves serious scrutiny. Take for example the reports they present on the levels of aluminum, which if one has a keen eye, shows that the levels are perfectly normal and that the units (whether willfully or mistakenly) are misread. Also consider how samples of soil are taken, and the established science in how contrails are formed.

    Disappointingly enough, the sequel to the said documentary, named “Why in the World are they Spraying” also repeats the same fallacies, perhaps for the wrong intent. While it is worthwhile to keep one’s mind open to possibilities of things occurring in the skies, it is difficult to give credit to this video. It is, in it’s current state, a hoax.

  7. Thank you to all those who commented on this article.

    I believe Australian Science is committed to communicating topics that get people talking and asking questions about science. And obviously, and quite unexpectedly, this article did.

    As stated in the piece, I had never heard of chemtrails till mentioned by the editor. Within minutes after the start of the film, I was dubious of the claims being made. After further research I remained unconvinced, but that doesn’t mean the topic is not worthy of examination and conversation. As a commentator in this forum it is beyond my purview to present a definitive thesis. Rather I attempt to assess the main points on both sides and provide recommendations and links that allow the reader to access more in-depth information should they wish. And I encourage anyone with an interest in this topic to do so.

    This topic of chemtrails is definitely not “hard science” and I don’t believe in giving time to conspiracy theories. However, I think it’s important to present different aspects of science to inform people and encourage debate. I also think it important to not forget the bigger picture at hand: climate change. Although the root cause of climate change may still be open to debate. Regardless of what one believes is the cause, action is definitely required.

  8. There were a lot of solid points made against the movie’s claims in those few comments here.

    What is the response of the film makers to these arguments? Did they follow the call for encouraging the debate?

  9. “What is the response of the film makers to these arguments? Did they follow the call for encouraging the debate?”

    The film makers run away from any sort of debate. As you can see in his comment above, Barry Kolsky won’t address his responsibility to correct the misinformation he put out in the first film, he based his second fim on the same false premise as the first. These aren’t documentary makers, they make “mock”- umentaries!

  10. This is from Author JLY (Just Like You) in response to the question why, what and who are spraying our skies.

    They are building clouds, big enough to consistently block out the sun. Conveniently along the way this white haze will heat the planet up (thin cloud gives you more Skin Cancer). The Cartel in control will be telling you this soon via your Idiot Box. They will say “that Nature is cruel and they can save you from the nasty Sun”. LOVE THE SUN
    The Cartel also know that you cannot kill the masses by heating up the planet, but you can by cooling it down – Sucker.
    If you go to the Wankapedia section of Wikipedia and type in Solar Radiation Management, under Geo Engineering, you will read that SRM is only theory. Presently, what the Cartel is spraying is a WFS “White Fibrous Substance” it is in all lower layers of the atmosphere and people will become slowly sicker, and thats got to be “Pharma Joy” (if you haven’t already noticed we are all becoming much sicker and your Idiot Box cannot expain why – Wake Up GEN X, the TV is your enemy). You now drink it, eat it and breath it in. Nano Aluminum particles inhaled equals Emphasemia and or Dimensia.
    So now you know that the Cartel is quietly ceasing your existence and thinks your Blood Line is expendable, what are you going to do about it.
    Also the WFS traps smoke, smog, etc, collectively they are a form of pollution, nature normally does a fantastic job of removing these, but the Cartel is attempting to noble the process…..think – look.
    “Fear not the Zombies rising from the dead, you are already here. Protect your Planet People and have a nice day :-)”

    Live a long happy life please


  11. Dear Kelly, one must remember that the actual term “conspiracy theory” was pushed by the CIA to cover JFK assassinations, & is now used as a derogitory ridicule term to class anyone doubting the “official” story.
    The number of negative comments on this blog alone,should raise your awareness that this is indeed a subject that the powers that be, “they”, do not want the real truth exposed!

    Every year, they, the elites meet secretly with military intelligence as security, under the guise of the “Bilderberg Group”. This too ,was a conspiracy theory until proven true, & rather IRONIC as they CONSPIRE to determine global financial & political outcomes!!

    The whistleblowers on this are starting to come out. Kristen Meghan, ex USAF,environmental officer, could not understand where all the mysterious compounds were being used, & backs up the Al samples as described in the films.
    Snowden has revealed the chemicals are additives in the jet fuel.
    A commercial jet aircraft mechanic found mysterious tanks in the lavatory tank section,with pipes leading to special nozzles on the “static wicks” (static electricity antennaes) on the wings trailing edges. Filled behind a secret panel behind the septic waste outlet, pumped out by the septic tank trucks.
    Static electricity build-up is a major problem for jet fuel pumping. To alleviate this, it is MANDATORY that an additive – STADIS 450 is in all jet fuels. It contains Barium salts.
    Al oxide is also a jet fuel additive that aids to combustion.

    As mentioned, pilots would be totally oblivious to these, & only fuel managers & possibly the septic tank drivers would be privy to the operation. The Al additive is only on long haul flights & not controlled in the cockpit, but rather by altitude meter or satellite signalling.
    A lot of people drive cars, but do they know exactly what is in the petrol/gas?Oil additives? Lead was an additive to stop knocking, till engines were improved!

    Sorry pilots, if I have ruffled some feathers, but have you noticed that jet fuel pumpers have 2 nozzles/lines & one fills the Centre Wing Tank on long haul flights?
    That OBIGGS (on board inert gas generating system) has been retrofitted since the TWA 800 crash,in the 90s, but 747s flew for 20yrs without CWTank explosions?
    Had a close look for nozzles on static wicks or trailing edges?
    Do you go into the lavatory tank section/compartment?
    Do you examine septic pump trucks for extra tanks containing Al oxide slurry(probably marked as disinfectant) at major airports?

    These are the methods for commercial jets, military probably has custom built tankers,as used by EVERGREEN Air contractor & others.

    The reason why all the chemtrails- WEATHER WARFARE & MODIFICATION.
    This is all to do with HAARP. To maximize the ionization of the atmosphere(charging +ve or -ve) it was suggested that the placement of metal particulates would give the best results. By repelling or attracting these, weather patterns can be steered, or focusing the energy in one spot (microwave/heating) earthquakes can be created.
    The HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska is only one site. Now they are around the globe as COBRA DANE phased radar arrays. The SBX-1, ex oil rig in the Pacific is a new mobile one. For proof of Haarp look at weather radar anomalies- rings, spirals,circles & donuts that are visible on the Nexrad weather radars on TV channels through interference.
    These have occurred before earthquakes & hurricanes as well.
    BIG OIL wants to explore North Pole, this is why Alaska has heatwaves at moment. It can steer the jet stream! As well as heating entire west coast.

    Be careful investigating this Kerry. Metabunk , & other sites are gov shills that immediately try to debunk this topic. Global Warming has changed to Climate Change so the massive weather changes are better explained, as well as rationalising this truly devastating WMD. No military involved & they can cripple a country by natural disasters.
    Troops can then land under “disaster relief” or “emergency aid”…………..

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