Do you want to contribute to the Australian Science knowledge community?

(For those drawn here from blog posts and other social media sites, Australian Science is a science and technology magazine and blogging network covering new technologies, web, education, scientific materials, and other related fields.)

Starting this March, we are expanding our blogging and network activities to cover more scientific fields. We already have contributors world wide, but we would like to expand our blogging network throughout Australia and elsewhere. We are seeking the world’s best science, technology and education bloggers with a multidisciplinary background to join us.

Each contributor, as an author/blogger, will have complete freedom to write about whatever they want to related to science, technology and the internet, as often as they wish, in their own contributor space.  We will then provide editing and review services before online publication.  Our intention beside expanding the network is to put an emphasis on science networking and relationship-building throughout the Australian and world wide blogosphere in science and related subjects. We hope to raise the profile of Australia’s contribution to world wide research and technology topics.

If you’re an author who likes to write and blog about science, web technologies and everything related – join us! If you already run a blog or website and think your articles would fit well into Australian Science, contact us to discuss syndication. In particular we are encouraging applications from writers covering subjects that are not yet well represented in Australian Science, such as robotics, neurology, space, cosmology, cybernetics, internet technologies, Earth science, mathematics, chemistry … or whatever you think!
Additionally, if you represent an organization (both non-profit and for-profit) and you have something relevant to share with us such as an announcement, a conference call for participation, scientific findings or other topics related to our mission then feel free to contact us.

Whether you will be a one-time guest blogger or a regular contributor to our pages, we would love to hear from you.  Please get in touch via our contact form.

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14 thoughts on “Do you want to contribute to the Australian Science knowledge community?

  1. Love this! Finally an open board approach to discussing multidisciplinary fields of science. I’m personally fascinated by the mind blowing discoveries birthed from neurology and cosmology. The human mind is much like society itself. Constantly perceiving and adapting to it’s surroundings.

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