2012 Winners from the 60SecondScience Video Competition

Results from the 2012 60SecondScience Video Competition have been released.  For the last two years 60SecondScience has been a global science event involving students and citizens from 40 countries. These citizen and student-created videos have been downloaded and viewed well over 700,000 times, and growing daily. The competition is sponsored by DEECD Victoria, Australia. Winners below share $10,000 in cash prizes in the 2012 Competition.


• BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: From Austria:  Vision 
• BEST ANIMATION: From UK  Hamster Quantum Physics
• INTERNATIONAL OPEN Winner: From India  Water Vapour
• INTERNATIONAL OPEN Runner-up: From Hong Kong  Genetic Modification
• INTERNATIONAL OPEN Highly Commended: From Slovenia Wind Turbine. Egypt Alzheimer’s.  USA Dog Colour Vision.  UK Food for Thought

• AUSTRALIAN OPEN Winner: Doppler Effect  Runner-up: Pectin-The Movie



• INTERNATIONAL Junior Winner: From Bulgaria Calcium Reaction

• INTERNATIONAL Junior Runner-up: From West Java  Water

• INTERNATIONAL Junior Highly Commended:  From Indonesia Fan from CD Waste

• INTERNATIONAL High School Student Winner: From Indonesia  Frying Oil Filter

• INTERNATIONAL High School Student Runner-up: From California  Nerve to Eat

• INTERNATIONAL LOTE Winner: From Hong Kong  Sublimation

• AUSTRALIAN OPEN Winner: Doppler Effect Runner-up: Pectin-The Movie


AUSTRALIAN Primary School Students

• VIC • winner Lemon Battery • Runner up Bicarb Highly Commended: Egg DropFire ExtinguisherFlowers

• NSW • winner *The Mpemba Effect • Runner up Scientific Nerds Convention Highly Commended CoolingTenergy

• QLD  • winner Floating Egg • Runner up Electroscope Highly Commended Moving WaterPepper

• WA • winner Bouncing Egg • Runner up Longbow Energy Highly Commended RadiationSuper Suction

• SA • winner Soluble • Runner up Sugar Content in Fruit Highly Commended Water Pressure

• ACT • winner A Gummy Problem Runner up The Mystery of Gravity Highly Commended: Rust
• AUSTRALIAN LOTE Primary Winner From Queensland Kan Bakuhatsu


AUSTRALIAN Secondary School Students

• VIC • winner Fractal Coastline • Runner up Hydro Kiss Highly Commended: Newton’s 3rd LawPain to BrainVeggie Pwr

• NSW  • winner Nick’s Science Vid • Runner up Dissolving Sugars Highly Commended: PhotosynthesisBacteria

• QLD • winner Igneous Rocks

• WA • winner Nuclear Fusion • Runner up Icy Float Highly Commended: Brazil NutSodium-Water ExpWind PowerInk

• ACT • winner * Occipital Lobe • Runner up Cerebellum Highly Commended: Hot Air Balloon Physics
• AUSTRALIAN LOTE Secondary Winner From Victoria Lava in a Cup

The 2012 Competition is now finalised and our 11 fabulous local and world judges have made their decisions. In 2013 the judging panel welcomes Richard Saunders and Dr. Rachael Dunlop. Judging criteria are based on science accuracy, communication and video production values.

With assistance from Emeritus Professor John McKenzie AM, the convenor presented Australian winners with awards last Friday 7 September at BMW Edge Theatre, Federation Square as part of the ICT Week Celebrations, opened by Victorian Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips.

The 2013 Competition opens for Registration and Uploads on 23 September 2012 and closes on 18 August 2013.

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