Zohreh Zare is a senior research assistant in the School of Tourism, the University of Queensland, Australia. She has done her PhD on Marketing Strategy. She worked as lecturer and researcher at various universities. Moreover she has 12 years of industrial experience. Her research interests include marketing plans, sustainable development and the welfare and empowerment of communities. Publications: Zare, Z & H. Rastegar Ecotourism as a fluctuating source of income for local community, Journal of Environmental Research and Development, (2009) vol 3 No 4, pp 1024-1030 Ross, H. & Driml, S. and Zare, Z. (2012). Water Allocation, Social Change and Resilience in Water Policy Reform, Lessons in Sustainability from the Murray-Darling Basin, Edited by John Quiggin, Thilak Mallawaarachi and Sarah Chambers. Edward Elgar. Zare, Z. & H. Rastegar (2010). Role of Local Community Awareness in Implementation of Ecotourism, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development, D. R. N. Pati & P. D. A. K. Jain. New Delhi Sarup Book Publishers Pvt. Ltd.