The Best of Australian Science: February 2014

It’s the end of February, 2014. It’s our time to summarise what we have done during this month. Basically, we are going to recount the best highlights for February.

Here are the most exciting and most interesting articles of this month.

Mars Colony Development: Mars One Supplier Update by Ashton Jones

All of the greatest explorations undertaken by humanity have been hindered by unexpected variables, the Mars One mission is no exception. The first settlers on Mars are currently projected to begin colonization in 2025, making homo sapiens an inter-planetary species. With so much progress and many promising suppliers to propel the mission there are plenty of reasons to be excited!

Offices Tech Tools That Will Transform Our Future by Michelle Lee

With technology expanding at incredibly rapid rates and businesses today under constant pressure to perform and keep up with the global economy, technological tools and appliances are reaching new levels of innovation.

Advances in the Robotics Industry: DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials by Dunya

Every year it seems a new movie comes out that tells a story of robots going out of control and taking over the world. In reality, some of the world’s brightest minds are developing robots and software to help assist humans in a range of important work, including surgery, bomb detection and natural disaster assistance.

Discovering Cyber Forensics by Milica Djekic

Cyber forensics is a new and fast growing field that involves carefully collecting and examining electronic evidence that not only assesses the damage to a computer as a result of an electronic attack, but also to recover lost information from such a system to prosecute a criminal. With the growing importance of computer security today and the seriousness of cyber crime, it is important for computer professionals to understand the technology that is used in cyber forensics.

Ten tools for social media practioners by Danica Radovanovic

Whether you are a web creator, blogger, engineer, educator, journalist, marketing specialist or a scientist, with ever-emerging opportunities to share information on digital platforms, the importance to keep digital skills up-to-date is vital.

Please stay curious and scientifically passionate! New stories are coming soon.